Rebecca Pouliot

My current adventure in life involves being married to a great husband and being mother to the cutest kids a parent could have (I might be biased). Our son, the namesake of our company, reminds us everyday how fleeting time is. Everyday he’s changing and everyday I want to preserve the little moments so I can remember them vividly.

We are blessed to live in a wonderful tight-knit community filled with other friendly families and their fun little munchkins. They are really the people that helped to kick start our business and we are forever grateful. We launched our little venture in 2016 and had no idea the journey we were about to embark upon. This really is a dream for us: being able to make art while being able to give families images that will help them relive some of the best years of their lives.


Duran Cheung

I really get the in groove when I find my flow doing things I love: tinkering in my garden, exploring by bike, going on adventures with my family or getting lost in a good podcast. I love a good challenge and it's even better when it's scary. I feel happy when I learn new things.

I won't ever forget going to the camera store with my dad that one time decades back. He spontaneously purchased a Canon SLR camera and let me fiddle with it from time to time. The very first shot I tried was of a flower in bloom but I think it was a tipping point - my love for creating images just grew from there. I've helped to capture numerous weddings and engagement shoots professionally over the past ten years and have been involved in photography for over double that. It's an unwavering passion of mine and I still enjoy every moment of it.

I have always felt privileged to witness and photograph candid, emotional moments for couples and their families. When I became a dad, I changed my focus to family photography because it seemed natural. I enjoy how kids are....with all their silly quirks and energetic curiousity. Plus, I always carry snacks. You just never know when a little energy comes in handy (am i right, parents?)